Let’s meet for coffee or tea and discuss your options on your first home purchase or how to get there. House buying is exciting, yet it can be scary or stressful. Here is a great article to read below: 

Main reasons why people decide to buy a home

  • Loved Ones 
  • Accomplishment 
  • Stability 
  • Financial Investment 
  • Comfort 
  • Privacy 
  • Personal Expression 
  • Community 

A recent survey found 36% of people believe they don’t have enough downpayment. There isn’t as much of a downpayment as you think, if you have 3-4% of the purchase price of a house you’re thinking of buying, that is on average that is common. 

Another good thing to mention is, that you may still qualify for a first-time home loan if you haven’t owned a personal residence in 3 years, or a single parent who’s only ever owned a home with a former spouse.
Certain professions have loan programs for example, veterans, military, firefighters, teachers, police officers, CMT’s, nurses and doctors.
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